Kyoritsu KEW 5010 - Current Logger
  • Kyoritsu KEW 5010 - Current Logger

Kyoritsu KEW 5010 - Current Logger


✅ 3 channel inputs for the simultaneous recording of Leakage Current, Load Current and Voltage

✅ Large capacity for storing 60,000 data points 

✅ Lowpass Filter will filter out the harmonics

✅ LED flickers when the preset current/voltage value is exceeded

✅ Continuous measuring time:Approx. 10 days (Alkaline Battery)

✅ The recorded data is downloadable onto a PC via USB cable



Hotline: 0911.159.019



Current Voltage Logger

Kyoritsu KEW 5010

  • ✓ The channel inputs for the simultaneous recording of Leakage Current , Load Current and Voltage
  • KEW 5020 is a Data Logger capable of measuring Leakage Current, Load Current and Voltage.
  • KEW 5010 is for measuring Leakage Current and Load Current
  •  Following sensors are used for measuring current & voltage
  • ☑ Leak/Load Current Clamp Sensor
  • ☑ Load Current Clamp Sensor
  • ☑ Voltage Sensor (for KEW5020)
  • TRMS measurement & recording of AC Current (50/60Hz) & AC Voltage (50/60Hz, only on KEW5020)


  • 💫 LED to indicate pre-set current/ voltage value is exceeded. (Trigger/ Capture Recording, Power Quality Analysis modes)
  • 💫 Can store 60,000 data when using 1ch, and when using all 3ch, can store 20,000 data at each channel. (Normal recording mode)
  • 💫 Data will not be lost at battery replacement or at low battery voltage as it is stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • 💫 Long time recording is available by a use of external AC Adaptor (optional parts)
  • 💫 Installed batteries enables backup at a temporally electricity failure. Size AA Alkaline Battery: about 10-day measurement.

⏬ Download

📑 Datasheet  | 📒 Instruction Manual  💽 Software  USB Driver

  • 💫 Can transfer the recorded data to PC via USB cable. Protected throughout by double (reinforced) insulation
  • 💫 This instrument provides 3 Recording modes and Power Quality Analysis mode (only KEW5020). Various insulation monitoring are available with 4 recording modes. Understand characteristic of each recording mode and select an appropriate mode.



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