Yokogawa CA500 - Thiết bị hiệu chuẩn đa chức năng

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Yokogawa CA500 - Thiết bị hiệu chuẩn quy trình đa năng

The CA500 and CA550, are the new high-performance and multi-function calibrators from Yokogawa. These newer models offer useful functions for field work and provide improved source and measurement accuracy, sufficient for calibrating field instruments with higher accuracy and confidence.Thay thế các dòng  150

 Yokogawa CA550 achieves an accuracy of 0.010% (DC current), 0.015% (resistance), and 0.1 °C (RTD)

 Yokogawa CA500 achieves an accuracy of 0.015% (DC current), 0.020% (resistance), and 0.3 °C (RTD)


  • Sources and measures DC voltage, DC current, RTD, TC, resistance, frequency and pulse signals.
  • Corresponds to 17 types of TC standard (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R)
  • Corresponds to 14 types of RTD standard (JIS/IEC/GOST R)

 Multiple source patterns

  • Linear sweep function: Continuously Source from 0% to 100%
  • Step sweep function: Change output in a staircase (step) pattern by specifying the number of steps. The number of steps can be set from 2 to 20
  • Program sweep function: Users can set the desired output value (%) and number of steps. CA500 with 10 steps CA550 with 20 steps



Calibration work

 Easy-to-view Display

  • CA500 features a Reflective LCD, providing improved outdoor visibility.
  • Main display (generated/measured values) and Sub display (%, mV, Ω, etc.) allow required information at a work site to be confirmed at a glance.

 Thermocouple generation using TC Mini Plug

  • Using a TC Mini Plug together with a compensating lead wire enables generation of thermal electromotive force without an external RJ sensor.*
  • (*a compensating lead wire needs to be prepared by customer)

 UP/DOWN keys

  • The output is changed in preset steps by pressing UP or DOWN key.

 Wiring information display function

  • A wiring diagram is displayed according to the function selected.
  • This function allows a user to perform wiring while referring to a wiring diagram and prevents mis-wiring.

 Easy-to-use key operation

  • 0%/100% keys
  • The source can be easily switched between 0% and 100% of range
  • Users can also set a desired value.

 Operation key layout

  • Keys related to generation and measurement are arranged collectively to allow easy and intuitive operation



Yokogawa CA550 | CA500

square-symbol.png 20 mA SIMULATE

The CA500 series can be used as a transmitter simulator to perform a loop test. It sinks the set current from an external voltage source of instrumentation equipment.

4-20mA Simulate.png

square-symbol.png Zero point adjustment of HART transmitter

Zero Point.png

CA550 supports HART communication (Universal command/Common practice command). Reading of HART device information, writing of LRV/URV, and trimming of analog output are possible.

square-symbol.png RTD SIMULATE

CA500/CA550 corresponds to 14 types of RTD for sourcing.It achieves the high basic accuracy of 0.1°C* (typical of type Pt100), which enables it to operate a highly reliable test. Additionally, input and output testing of temperature transmitters is possible at the same time. *Accuracy for CA550

RTD Simulate.png

The following items are supported by HART communication function

  • Loop test | Tag No
  • PV value (including reading of PV %value, AO value, SV value, TV value, QV value)
  • LRV (lower limit of range) | URV (upper limit of range)
  • Trim D/A at 4 mA | Trim A/A at 20mA PV Zero | Damping

square-symbol.png Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check

DC mA signals can be measured by supplying power to the transmitter from a 24 V DC power supply. DC mA signal measurement and zero-point check can be performed with an accuracy of 0.01% of reading (0.015% of reading for CA500).

Loop Check.png

square-symbol.png TC SIMULATE

The CA500 series corresponds to 17 types of TC for sourcing. It achieves the high basic accuracy of 0.5°C (typical of type K), two times better than the previous model. Also, input/output testing is possible with a single CA500/CA550, as it can measure output signals.

TC Simulate.png

square-symbol.png Pulse SIMULATE

This calibrator performs measurement of pulse signal integration from a flowmeter and generates a pulse to a receiver, such as integrating counter or pulse converter. Integration time can be set from 1 min to 60 min

Pulse Simulate.png

Automatic input/output testing (Program sweep)

Automatic input/output testing is possible by setting source values for each step for a calibration target. Calibration results such as generated value, measured value, error rate, date/time, and pass/fail are saved in CSV format in the CA550 main unit. By connecting the CA550 to a PC using a standard USB cable, the instrument can be recognized as a massstorage device for data to be transferred to the PC.


Brochure CA500 - Series


Instruction Manual Yokogawa CA550 | CA500

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