Kyoritsu KEW 5050 - Unpreceded Ior Logger
  • Kyoritsu KEW 5050 - Unpreceded Ior Logger

Kyoritsu KEW 5050 - Unpreceded Ior Logger

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✅ Provides simultaneous measurements and logs up to 4 channels

✅ Supports various wiring systems (Single-phase 2&3-wire, Three-phase 3&4-wire) 

✅ World’s fastest 200ms interval for leakage current measurement

✅ Offers both traditional leakage / load current measurements

✅ Large graphic display and magnet on the back case to attach it on metal enclosures



Hotline: 0911.159.019



Leakage Current Logger

Kyoritsu KEW 5050

  • ✓ Kyoritsu KEW 5050 is an advanced LEAKAGE CURRENT LOGGER
  • ☑ That is able to identify the resistive leakage current lor in various wiring systems.
  • ✓ The lor is the dangerous component of the leakage current because for consumes power and then it can cause a rise in temperature that can lead to fire and electrical shock.
  • kew5050-upto-4-system.png
  • ☑ KEW 5050 can simultaneously measure and record several parameters such as:
  • lor resistive leakage current, R Insulation Resistance based on lor, lom and lo leakage current with and without harmonic components Vm and V mains voltage with and without harmonic components, 8 phase difference and F mains frequency
  • ☑ Can measure up 4 system at one
  • KEW 5050 can measure instantaneous and event values
  • ☑ Best to diagnose circuit breaker problems
  • Measures IOR and IOC separately to clarify the root cause of the electric leakeage troubles.
  • ☑ Quickly displays occurred events
  • Detailed infomation on the occurred events are displayed on the LCD Difference threhold values can be set for each channesl and each event
  • ☑ Various display modes
  • User-friendly graphical display of connections and phase differences

Ior logger and clamp sensor set model

  • KEW 5050-01: KEW 5050 + KEW 8178(φ68mm) × 1
  • KEW 5050-02: KEW 5050 + KEW 8177(φ40mm) × 1

⏬ Download

📑 Datasheet  | 📒 Instruction Manual  💽 Software  USB Driver

TekView Channel

  • 💫 Wiring configuration: KEW 5050 supports single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire, three-phase 4-wire. The graphic display shows how to connect the KEW 5050 to the electrical installation under test according to the wiring configuration set. Vector diagram shown on display helps to check the correct orientation of the clamp sensors
  • 💫 Less susceptible to harmonics: Measured value is determined on basic waveform of mains frequency by a unique calculation method. Thus leakage current with harmonics does not affect the measured value. Leakage current Trms (lom) and reference voltage Trms (Vm) values contain harmonics
  • 💫 Measurement at pre-set interval: Easy to find intermittent leakage current since KEW 5050 will measure and record data every 200 ms with gapless. If the selected interval is longer than 200 ms, the max., min., average and instantaneous values in the selected period will be saved at the set interval.
  • 💫Events detection: In case KEW 5050 detects a value of current/voltage larger (or lower) than the threshold values, it will record the value of detected current/voltage with date and time but also the instantaneous leakage current.
  • 💫Signals output: KEW 5050 has digital output signals that can activate alarm devices when events occur. "Al devices are no supplied with KEW 5050
  • 💫Saving data: KEW 5050 has a logging function with user-selectable recording intervals. The saved data is stored in the SD card offering possible recording time up to several years. The start/stop of the logging can be done by manual or automatic operation. A useful Print Screen function allows the end user to save displayed screens as BMP fle
  • 💫Vector diagram: Vector diagram of KEW 5050 graphically represents the phase relation between reference voltage (V) and leakage current (lo) on its display
  • 💫 Dual power supply system: KEW 5050 operates either with AC power supply or with battery AA alkaline dry-cell battery (LR6) and AAN-MH rechargeable battery can both be used. Rechargeable battery and specific charger are not supplied. If using rechargeable battery, use the charger which is manufactured by the same company as the battery For safety reason, KEW 5050 does not charge rechargeable battery
  • 💫Data analysis: The saved data can be read by a PC or can be transferred to a PC via USB. Dedicated software "KEV Windows for KEW5050" allows data analysis and the setup of KEW 5050 on a PC.
  • 💫Safety construction: KEW 5050 is designed to meet the International Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CATIV 300V/CATI 500V


Technical Data

Wiring configuration

1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W

Measurements and


Ior : Leakage current (Trms) with resistive components only

Io : Leakage current (Trms) with basic wave of 40 - 70Hz

Iom : Leakage current (Trms) including harmonic components

V : Reference voltage (Trms) with basic wave of 40 - 70Hz

Vm : Reference voltage (Trms) including harmonic components

R : Insulation resistance, Frequency(Hz), Phase angle(θ)

Other functions

Digital output, Print screen, Back light, Data hold

Recording Interval






For reference voltages of sine wave 40 - 70Hz and 90V Trms or higher,

±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s. + clamp sensor amplitude accuracy + error of phase accuracy*

(phase error)

* add ±2.0%rdg to measured Io value when using Ior leakage clamp sensor.

(θ: within the accuracy of reference voltage/ current phase difference ±1.0°)

Allowable input

1% - 110% (Trms) of each range, and 200% (peak) of the range

Display range

0.15% - 130% (display “0” for less than 0.15%, “OL” if the range is exceeded)

Io *Range, Allowable input and Display Range are the same as Ior .


±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s.+ clamp sensor amplitude accuracy

Iom *Range, Allowable input and Display Range are the same as Ior .


±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s.+ clamp sensor amplitude accuracy



Sampling speed 40.96ksps (every 24.4μs), gapless, calculate Trms values every 200ms.





±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s. * for waveforms of sine wave 40 - 70Hz

Allowable input

10 - 1000V Trms, and 2000V peak

Display range

0.9V - 1100.0V Trms (display “0” for less than 0.9V, “OL” if the range is exceeded)

Phase angle(θ)

Display range

0.0° - ±180.0° (regarding the phase of reference voltage as 0.0°)


Within ±0.5° for the inputs of 10% or higher of leakage current range,

sine wave 40 - 70Hz, reference voltage of 90V Trms or higher.

Within ±1.0° when using Ior leakage clamp sensor, and

Within ±0.5°+ clamp sensor accuracy when using general purpose clamp sensor.

Frequency meter range

40 - 70Hz

External supply

AC100 - 240V(50/60Hz) 7VA max

Power source

LR6(AA)(1.5V) × 6 (Battery life approx. 11h)

Display / update period

160 × 160dots, FSTN monochrome display / 500ms

PC card interface

SD card (2GB) *standard accessory

PC communication


USB Ver2.0

Temperature and

humidity range

23±5°C, less than 85%RH(without condensation)

Operating temperature

and humidity range

-10 - 50°C less than 85%RH(without condensation)

Storage temperature

and humidity range

-20 - 60°C less than 85%RH(without condensation)

Applicable Standards

IEC 61010-1 CAT 300V , CAT 600V Pollution degree 2

IEC 61010-2-030 , IEC 61010-031 , IEC 61326


165(L) × 115(W) × 57(D)mm


approx. 680g (including batteries)


7273 (Voltage test lead)

8262 (AC adapter)

7278 (Earth cable)

7219 (USB cable)

8326-02 (SD card 2GB)

9125 (Carrying case)

Instruction manual, Cable marker, Software installation manual

LR6(AA) × 6

KEW Windows for KEW 5050(PC software)


8177/8178 (Ior Leakage current Clamp Sensor)

8329 (Power supply adapter)

8121/8122/8123/8124/8125/8126/8127/8128 (Load current Clamp Sensor)*

8130/8133 (Flexible Clamp Sensor)*

8146/8147/8148 (Leakage & Load current clamp sensors)*


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